Make a Mag is an ongoing practical research and development project that explores the process of documenting events through the production of ‘zines.’ Page designs are based on easy-to-use InDesign templates with predefined grids, styles and ready-made library items. These can be used to assemble layouts with essentially no prior experience at all, but they can be adapted as the producer’s abilities allow.

Make a Mag production requirements:

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 or newer
  • People willing to attempt simple page assembly
  • Enough content – words and images – for at least 12 A5 pages (including covers)
  • A printer capable of double-sized printing (duplexing).
  • A long-arm stapler (available from Amazon for less than £10)

There are manual alternatives if you don’t have a duplex-ready printer, but it will be significantly more laborious – especially if you want to make more than two or three copies.

The InDesign template can be found on the About page.