Make a Mag can be used to document an event and, with the right services available, produce finished zine-style magazines before the event is finished. The Make a Mag process can also be used as a ‘production wrapper’ for producing work by others, including scans of children’s artwork; see the Make a Mag collaboration with Grief Encounters for an example.

If you would like to work with the Make a Mag team please get in touch. If you want to try the template documents yourself you can download them below, and there are instructions here to help explain the process.


A5 Template (requires InDesign) – smaller, useful for compact mags especially when making these from regular A4 desktop printers.

A4 Template (requires InDesign) – larger, the size of a typical newsstand magazine in most of the world.

Each template comes with its own InDesign library files with drag-drop ready-to-use layout elements designed for the page size and grid. (Don’t mix and match: the A5 library elements do not work well with the A4 page template and vice versa.)

If you plan to print and assemble a magazine yourself and you have an A4 printer, use the A5 template. If you have access to an A3 printer you can use either template.